I AM Poem

I Am Here…

to remind, as I’m remembering, choosing to express into living experience, we are ALL in this together…

each of us.

each expression, each role, each identity, each mask…

all of our families
with our varying perspectives, languages, beliefs, opinions,
ideas, thoughts, words and deeds,
our combined histories
and our interdependent todays and tomorrows…


the right of us, and the left,
our countries in north, and south,
east and west…


connected to the whole of life, each and every form of life’s energy, information, intelligence…

all of it…


we’re it.

we’re who’ve we got, no avenger to wait for.

my purpose, then,

is to play my roles, playing full out…

offering who I am, simply doing as capable, moment’s request,
by moment’s request…

a humbled kindness, a compassionate guide.

love and gratitude, truest journey companions…

…leaving nothing on the field that is this OneLife.

each and every art expression,
or act of commerce,
to inspire and build
fully conscious sustainable communities,
learning sustainable and healthy living practices and habits along the journey,
withinasthru means and ways
to listen actively,
adapting to the what’s working

and what’s not,
intellectually honest enough to discern between the two, and do so with a humility that knows that I know,
I do not have all the answers,
barely remembering a few of the questions…

because… this i promise:

to align inspired ideas,
with ever-evolving working strategies and plans, with a diverse team of co-creative disruptive impactors to ensure financially abundant, socially relevant and environmentally impactful, successful ventures to help be part of the solutions
to our biggest collective problems,
while enjoying each step of the journey
in ways that move, touch and inspire
our becoming more, together.

who am I?

truly a simple man, extraordinarily ordinary, an involved global citizen, and response able co-creator, withinasthru life.

I am humbled father, son,
family member, and journey companion.

see me as friend, know me as brother.

bring your fresh listening and seeing, I will bring mine.

I am ready,
willing and able to step into roles, as… compassionate capitalist, operational strategist, visionary philanthropic pragmatist,

social artist & entrepreneur, author,

I am a physically powerful man, built more like a linebacker today, than the swimmer of my youth, with a poet’s kindness, married to a pitbull’s tenacity.

I live with a passionate enthusiasm, recycled routines that sustain me, over the glory days of rock star ways, whose cravings alone would distract me, sometimes for years.

practices of meditation, exercise and nutrition, yet generous in my exceptions,
because I enjoy fine chocolates and extraordinary meals with beloved family & friends, filled with soft smiles and out loud laughter to tears.

in an effort to fulfill,

promises and commitments,
I do my best to align good ideas,
with well-thought through strategies,
and complete teams,
with the skills, experience and values necessary,
to ensure socially and financially successful ventures…

in whatever I choose to participate, humble servant to a greater good.

because I’m willing to co-share response ability, for the current conditions of life on Planet Earth, I do what I’m capable of, moment-to-moment, to change,
the only part of life in my immediate influence, my thoughts and ways of being…

my Self.

I am also here to help move, touch and inspire,
a most worthy vision of educating children planet-wide,
where we assist them in remembering their purpose for reentering thIS space-time, to truly educate by drawing out of each child their unique divinity.

to remind each child – of all ages, withinasthru our own demonstration and example, that we are infinite shades of brown, spiritual Beings,
enjoying a very human experience, physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually.

offering each child of every age inspired guidance and mentorship, into conscious, enlightened, artistic and life-responsible ways, to live their purposes true…

to create the infrastructure,
the resource streams and teams,
to live this vision into waking reality, no longer willing to settle for being less, than we are as humanity…

this is my truest vision for being,
my clearest reason for re-entering space~time, a purpose I live on the daily,
through all the heartbreaks and betrayals, hurts and pains,
moment by moment,

step by step,
breath by breath,
a living work in process, i am.

if I am flawed by this vision, which is more than probably so, than it is because I believe in humanity.

I believe in our potential, potential but an unfilled promise.

a potential,
every day, threatened on the daily…

war, famine, hunger disease and violence, our collective unfilled promise,
we, somehow are destined
to keep anyway…

and the crazy in me,
lives with enough remembering to gather again,
to fulfill upon this hope alive in each one of our hearts, those who too are remembering…

perhaps, this is why I push,
so much harder than most,
to reach withinasthru my very beingness, a feline flexibility in movement, seeing,
and being my way,
through a gray cloud of unknowing, grace in the uncertainties,
no longer allowing myself,
the false privilege of believing,
my way to be a better way, comfortable knowing it only,
as another way,
another way of being human…

I choose to live with an insatiable child-like curiosity, preferring to play as hard as I work,
not so interested in what feels too much like,
the dogmatic hypocrisy of yesterday ways…

love, not fear, remains our choice.

I choose love.

I choose to become more,
in mirrored reflections, transforming distractions, into creatively inspired projects, transitioning vices,
into daily feedings of…

inspired creative movement, good books,
inspired writing,
and iTunes playlists,
to chill, drive, dance and sweat to.

as I’ve demonstrated often, extraordinarily ordinary…

yet in the recesses of my soul’s very existence, there lives a hero inside ready, willing, able, to arrive as each moment requests of me, an entelechy dream,
calling me into being.

be me then willingness enough, enthusiastic and emotionally charged,
the ever-ready bunny present to help as I am capable, to assist at least one other,
to live a most passionate & purpose-driven lif, me.

cursed less and less with the same inner Judge, I would guide anyone to silence,
in whatever way worked,
even in a world that would extort
or betray for perceived gain…

forgiveness my doorway
back into my own heart truths, living on purpose and with possibility.

while concurrently laughing more and more, at mySelf every day,
taking nothing in life too seriously, least of all me.

there are no other rules, in my rulebook.

be me then,
filled to the brim of existence, seeing and enjoying every moment I am, as a perfect, whole and complete, expression to experience,
thIS part of the IS,
that I am…


I pray prayers of gratitude,
rather than prayers of want,
for I’ve found that wanting only leaves me wanting, while gratitude has become my truest form of certainty, when I but receive its gently receptive form, matching intentions with results,
less wins and losses,
more eternal experimentations…

to me,
it’s the smallest of miracles, I’ve come to appreciate the most, like a tear offered by my daughter, wiped away with laughter’s healing, right and perfect co-creators,
a long kiss goodnight,

by a mate of
a thousand lifetimes…

or a rainbow following a letting-go-kinda storm,

be me then an eye of hurricane,
perfect order withinasthru the wonderful chaos, that is my life…

I invite you to come play with me.

to bring your poem, to sing your song, to make your art, to dance your dance.

see me as an emperor of Self empowerment, I will, in turn,

be the alchemist of your desires, constantly and consistently reminding you, you’ve been an answer to every question, you’ve ever asked…

listen to me effortlessly,
as an empath extraordinaire,
and I’ll spin a web for you,
relating you with All points of view,
a hub of sorts to a cosmic blueprint of IS, able and willing to empathetically receive, any moment’s energy, information, intelligence, withinasthru cellular listening and presence, so as to know the other’s perspective intuitively, while compassionately knowing it as your own, a mirror reflecting you to you,
in multi-dimensional animation,
strong enough in Self,
to know what serves and what does not, releasing freely that which no longer serves, you or a greater good,
choosing divine river’s flow,
every moment you are.

give to me compassionate relationship, and I’ll return the favor,
with gifts of process and presence…

simple wisdom, shared, not taught, knowledge, but applied.

reminding, as I’m remembering, you and I are one,
but are not the same,
able and willing to see and celebrate our every difference
in ways that make us more, together.

here to serve others,
as we’re willing to be served,
our collective life lived on purpose, withinasthru absolute presence of BEing, seeking how we can most contribute, to another way,
another’s purpose, reconnecting to our most basic instinct,

the preservation of life,
joyfully magnetizing and attracting, like-minded connections, resources and support, giving everything to everything,
all to all,
me to you,
you to me…

true justice no longer sought, for Just Us re-membered, to gather, again together,
here and now.

gratitude be our truest Source
of certainty during dark shadowy days…

because I’m willingness enough,
to BE and becOMe a renaissance man, such as these times are requesting, to walk a hero’s journey,
if but for my own inner triumph, expressing what I know to be so, experienced,

I’ll spin metaphor to mystery, mythos to remembering, empathy to what IS.

I’ll show up to match both, your listening and seeing of me, giving you the same gift in return, unreserved, untamed, unanticipated, unlimited, unconditional, innocent, free.

because I know, nothing lasts forever…

I love.

so see me as friend,
know me as brother,
invite my help,
extend help to others,
bring your fresh seeing and listening,

I will bring mine.

I am here, ready, willing, as capable…

to remind,
as i’m remembing, we’re in this together, us


©2023 A. S. Kurslf Collaborative, LLC.