The Handbook


“The WithinAsThruYou Handbook is one of the most inspirational and transformational books I have ever read. Scott Kiere combines the beautiful, loving language of a master poet with the compassion and patience of a wise teacher. The book is a valuable tool for any one who is willing to look closely at how they are living their life and consider making meaningful changes.”
– Amazon Review

The Inspiration

WithInAsThru yoU! The Handbook offers the secret within the secret, namely, you are the only constant in your life. Using the 7 processes made available to you within the pages of this handbook, you’ll be empowered to more fully engage the law of attraction in a way that is just right for you. You’ll be presented with the possibility that you have the ability to live your life as you choose it to be.

WithInAsThru yoU! The Handbook contains timeless wisdom and ancient practices intended to help you to discover your innate human natural perception and your true inner power. It’s a power within you whose time has come to be further explored. A power far more readily available and much easier to access than perhaps you’ve been taught. And this handbook provides an engaged experience for each reader, as personal as you’re willing to receive. An experiential gift rarely offered in print form. Its words are powerfully insightful, which will inspire you to shift your perceptions such that you’ll be capable of living your life with greater purpose and ever-increasing passion for the possible.

You will learn how to be clearer in your choices and intentions, as well as how to understand and improve your relationships. Your world, as you see it, will be indelibly changed. WithInAsThru yoU! The Handbook truly is a “guide and journey companion” to anyone ready for taking the next step upon their journey unfolding. Consciously engage the law of attraction today!