WithInAsThru Self Love Poem

WithInAsThru Self Love…

Worlds connected,

experienced as One.

Loving others as Self,

sharing completely,

without unspoken expectations,

understanding when it seems

not understandable, supporting,

even when not in agreement,

listening without judgment,

working and growing,

from many into One.

The dawn of each new day,

the promise of a brighter tomorrow,

hope of what can be,

willingness enough to choose it so,

hearts rhythmically beating,

one magnetic pulse home.

Giving and receiving,

a circle turned into infinity commitment,

learning from the losses

that have come before,

letting go of what no longer serves,

healing all patterns of separation,

appreciating the differences,

while honoring traditions,

gratitude become certainty,

at cliff’s edge, jump time.

Understanding Self,

understanding all others,

becoming change once sought external,

choosing “Just Us” way of seeing,

One humanity,



Self Love is all this

and so much more,

growing like wild flowers in

the fields of your tomorrow…

offered to you,

this inevitable moment.

Because you are loved,

more than words could ever

hope to express, know one thing—

and this one thing do not doubt,

that as you choose to be ever loved,

lovable and loving,

so too will you feel and

experience an expanding Self love,

greater with each new sunrise,

than you did the day before…